I’ve always wished I were more creative than I actually am. I have always set myself to do projects and never realised them. I have an endless list of things I hope to make. Time, money and ability generally work against me. This time I persevered and it paid off.

A friend of mine gave me the idea. She made bunting for her daughter’s nursery out of her old baby grows. I was hugely impressed and wanted to make my own for my baby and use as decoration at her Baptism next week.

She talked me through step by step and gave me the confidence to at least try.

All that was needed was:


2m of fabric

baby grows


sewing machine

card to make a triangle template for the bunting squares.

First step was to cut a triangle from the card to use as a template. This would be my guide when cutting through the baby grows & fabric.

Second step was to draw on paper how i wanted my bunting to look. I calculated how many triangles i wanted interspersed with the baby grow triangles. All in I wanted 14.

I then cut 7 triangles from the 7 different old baby grows i had chosen and then 7 triangles from the fabric.

I then cut 14 triangles from the fabric to use as backing on all the triangles.

I used a friends sewing machine to sew the triangles inside out, together. Sewing along two sides of the triangle and then turning the right way.

I then had my 14 triangles ready to sew onto the ribbon. I used quite fat ribbon which was folded on the front and back of the triangle and sewn along.

Voila….my bunting was complete. I have bought some Cath Kidston fabric iron on letters to spell my daughter’s name as a finishing touch.

I am so proud of my handiwork. I even used the fabric from the maternity night-dress i wore when in hospital with both my girls which i love seeing as a reminder of a special time.

For something that was relatively inexpensive to make it’s going to give a lot back, who knew Bunting could bring so much joy !



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