Goal! Now what?

Last week I reached my goal weight after a few months of following the Weightwatchers plan. I’ve lost 19lbs and can now fit back into the clothes I had before I tried for and carried babies. It’s an amazing feeling and who ever coined the phrase ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ might have been on to something.

When I stepped on the scale at Fat Club as I call it, to be told I was there and had achieved what I set out to, naturally I was thrilled. I haven’t just been really good during this time I’ve changed our diet for the better and really worked on my relationship with food.

I’ve operated in the confines of moderation and have enjoyed taking care and feeling better about myself. The fear of being publicly weighed does that to you.

So now what? No longer needing to go to weekly weigh ins I’m once again alone with my food and thoughts and the temptation of doing what i like. Now i’m back in clothes that are no longer labelled maternity wear, its a little overwhelming to not kid myself that I am a ‘naturally slim’ person. This is the cycle that I really set out to break. The yo-yo effect.

On reaching my goal I was given my Weightwatchers Goal prize. Some sort of key fob where each year if i keep the weight off I will get a key to hang from it. I even received a pack full of tips to ensure I  stay on track. I am allowed to return free of charge as often as i like to be weighed providing I stay within 5lbs of my goal weight.

This is the cycle that I really need to break, turning to a weight management company but the thought of watching what I eat for the rest of my life seriously depresses me. My greed certainly outweighs my vanity in the long run. I know how to lose weight, its now up to me to try to maintain that yet at the same time i can’t help thinking of takeaways, cookies and bags of overly salted & vinegared chip shop chips. I’m frightened that if I take my foot of the weightwatchers gas i’ll pull the ripp cord and be back to where i started or even worse a Michellin man sized version.


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