It’s the little things that mean a lot

On Sunday we were rushing to get out in time for a family lunch at a local pub. We had a friend with us who was visiting. In our rush to get out and on time my husband put his keys, phone & wallet on the roof of our car whilst he placed first our youngest then eldest daughters into their car seats. He then popped back inside to check if i needed any help locking up and putting our house alarm on.

In his haste and distraction he left his wallet on the roof of our car and then we drove off. We took a detour to the restaurant as we wanted to show our friend the surrounding areas but it wasnt until we were about to walk into the pub for our lunch did he realise the wallet was missing and where he had last seen it.

We painstakingly tried to retrace our steps starting back at home, but with no luck. The wallet was nowhere to be found on the road or side streets and we were now really late for our reservation.

I gave my husband his Mont Blanc wallet nearly 7 years ago. Inside apart from the thousands of cards it housed was a number of old passport photos of me and our girls. None of which we have copies of.

He was so angry at his avoidable mistake and the ensuing aggravation this would cause him cancelling and waiting for replacement cards. What really upset him though was the lost wallet itself and the photos. These could never be replaced.

Weirdly, i was very matter of fact about him losing it. It’s gone, move on was how i saw it. It wasnt my wallet to lose i suppose and my desire to quickly feed two small babies and satiate my own escalating hunger was becoming more of a priority. When it matters I am most definitely a realist.

He spent most of the lunch cancelling the cards in case they fell into morally redundant hands. It wouldn’t be the first time.

On Tuesday he decided to go into the local Police station to report it lost and to see if on the off-chance it had been handed in. Two wallets had been handed in within the last 48 hours one of them being his. He got his wallet back and more importantly to him, his photos.

How wonderful to have it returned and to have your faith in mankind remain. For all the monstrosities we hear daily, a little thing like this means a lot.


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