Kate obsessed



I can’t pinpoint when my Kate Middleton obsession first began. I think I started to take an interest in her movements when The Daily (Hate) Mail outed her as being the current rumoured love interest of Prince William. I do know my interest was certainly piqued when they temporarily split and she was seen out on the town looking suitably stoic until she was reconciled with her Prince. The obsession definitely went full-blown when on 16th November 2010 the Sky News Channel flashed up ‘Royal Engagement’ across my City trading floor.

I remember dropping what I had been doing and being elated, thrilled …..punching the air with happiness yet I’ve never even met this woman, have anything remotely in common with her or ever likely to.

I am a Royalist through and through. Yet this fascination with Kate has nothing to do with Prince William. He seems a likeable enough guy, down with his people, but the real draw for me is Miss Middleton aka Mrs Wales.

My vanity knows no bounds that on reflection I’m convinced it’s her ‘attainable’ natural beauty and charm that makes me think, ‘yeah, that could have been me’. When I say ‘attainable’ I’m kidding myself because only a reshuffling of the gene pool could sort it out, with those coltish limbs of her’s not having an ounce of fat to spare and her hair, well it should as one newspaper critic wrote recently become its very own tourist attraction it’s that lush.

Attainable beauty is something that the average woman can generally buy into. Whereas beauty on a supermodel scale a la Gisele Bundchen is living proof that no matter how much you diet or exercise or have your tresses tended to it will be impossible to obtain Amazonian like proportions.  I think this has to be the reason that Jennifer Anniston of Friends fame outshone her other two colleagues in the popularity success stakes during and after Friends. I truly believe Courtenay Cox is by far the more text-book beauty. But she is just too beautiful and a little out of reach for the average woman. Whereas Jennifer had been just another over weight struggling actress who by the time Rachel Green was born had shed the weight, got the haircut and suddenly her beauty ‘seemed’ attainable.

For me, with Kate the very normal background she is alleged to have come from only adds to her allure with honest working class stock peppering her lineage. We’re regularly told in the media that her ancestors worked down the mines and lest we forget ‘doors to manual’ Carol. (A rather vulgar reference to her Mother working as a British Airways Stewardess).

By the time of the Royal Wedding itself in April 2011 I was beside myself with excitement. Had it not been for the arrival of my first child two weeks before I would have been wearing full twin set & pearls, with one hand waving my Union Jack flag and the other dabbing the tears of joy away with an embroidered I love Kate hanky. As it turned out I was dabbing tears away, although they were not of the joyful variety more postpartum knackered first time mum dampness.

No matter. I recorded it and watched it over and over again when I felt better…..her descending her carriage outside Westminster Abbey, the gasps at her amazing Alexander McQueen dress and her walking into the Abbey to begin walking down the aisle. I felt like I were twelve again and party to a real life fairytale.

You can only imagine my elevated level of excitement when we learned she was with Royal Child. The first photos of her taken outside King Edward VII Hospital having been treated for severe morning sickness were published and  I was practically levitating.

Every time a newspaper prints photos of her latest maternity style or supposed accidental revelations (‘Is it a girl?’….she almost said ‘daughter’ was one headline when she was overheard talking in public) I feel myself being whipped into a frenzy.

Even this week whilst scanning the front page of that day’s newspaper I saw a photo of Kate in a pale blue designer number proudly showing her bijou baby bump off at the National Portrait Gallery. I don’t remember the main headline from that day so great is my obsession even by the titillating headlines she generates.

I know I am not alone in my endless fascination with her as there are countless websites paying homage. You can even follow her wardrobe choices and should they be High Street hope to emulate her style. Every single one of her LK Bennett nude soled shoes is tracked to ensure we have full coverage.

By the time this baby comes in mid July (date to be confirmed) I hope to have my obsession under control because the barrage of photos holding her newly delivered offspring will take up too many man hours to pour over.

I am an endless source of entertainment for my husband who remarks ‘your friends on telly’ whenever she makes an appearance. Mock me I say, but she is a wonderful ambassador for our Country and didn’t the girl from Bucklebury do well.

p.s. This picture is of a birthday card sent to me by a good friend who is aware of my obsession. It takes pride of place on my notice board …..


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