When life is put into perspective

This last week has been one of those rare weeks when life is put into perspective. When you look around at all that you have and are reminded of what is and isn’t important.

A woman I know, through the baby groups that i have been to, lost her 9 month old baby to Cot Death exactly a week a go today. She put her baby to bed as she usually did and before turning in herself a few hours later checked on her and she had gone, passing away in her sleep.

It has left me deeply traumatised. To know that a mother can suffer such a cruel and unexpected loss after going through so much to get to where they were and suddenly, its gone. Their journey together is over. I find it utterly heartbreaking. Jennie, the wonderful but grieving mother is a prolific blogger and is finding a huge amount of comfort from social media. She is sharing her pain, grief and plans for the funeral and future.

She is facing every parents worse nightmare. How on earth can you possibly ever see the world in colour again. But she has to, she has two other children who need her just as much, if not more then ever.

My heart has been so sad this past week, to know that such sorrow can exist in our world and that it will happen again to anyone of us. On hearing the news I havent been able to put my girls down, particularly my 5 month old. I’ve checked on her repeatedly, held her as much as i could and curled up and napped with her as often as i can. Why did it take someone elses child to die for me to hug and keep my babies closer, my temper less frayed and not bothering about the small stuff, or the mess ? I think its because Life and all its mundanity keeps you from doing it. How ridiculous that sounds.

I dont want complacency to sneak back in on me and take this new perspective away because there is too much to loose and one mothers suffering too great.

The out pouring of love and support being channelled to these parents is immense. Coming from across the world and social networks, from many people who have never even met them. All willing them to be ok. Their daughter has already become a by-word for love and i just know that her mother is going to champion this cause and turn something so tragic into something so positive. I believe everything happens for a reason, i have to, its my faith and this is that reason.

But right now a mother is grieving her child and is preparing to say a farewell to her. That alone puts everything into perspective for me.


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