World of WordPress


This week I am twelve months into my blogging escapades and have already garnered so much enjoyment from writing my own and reading other blogs.

Still trying to find my written voice after many years of Short Stories and Opinion pieces, I turned to blogging on the recommendation of a friend who said it was a great way to keep the momentum of writing alive. After all the more you do something the better at it you become.

Unsure in the beginning what I wanted to make my blog about I decided to let it evolve naturally over time but include things that were happening only to me. It would be unfair to comment on others (except that of my long-suffering husband). I get that some people find blogging bizarre and wouldn’t dream of writing about themselves or their lives but for me it is a chance to channel my creative juices and to keep them flowing as well as reflect and find meaning in my day to day. Those that follow and subscribe to my blog from all over the world often leave wonderfully supportive and encouraging comments for which I am honoured they take the time.

In the process of writing my blog I have also discovered many spectacular blogs written by inspiring, articulate people from all over the world who share their lives, ideas and adventures, good and bad. I urge you to take a look at some of the blogs I follow. You can do this by clicking the icons to the right hand side of my page under ‘Blogs I follow’.

I have gravitated to many blogs about families, children, cooking, travel and photography but have also furthered my scope to include those living completely different lives from my own. They all have one thing in common though, Hope –  in all it’s forms. Whether it’s for a better tomorrow, more of what today brought or the perfectly cooked dish or an even better photograph. Hope is there in all of them and that’s what i love. That and their writing.

In the snatched moments I carve out for myself I have finally started to break my Facebook and Twitter addiction, replacing it or perhaps moderating it with the world of WordPress. It has helped broaden my mind and kept feelings of isolation at bay as I stay home to care for my girls.

What has WordPress (or Blogging)  given you ?


Would be interested to know your opinion...

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