This is the space i’m meant to dedicate to who I am on the off chance somebody cares enough to try and find out a little bit more about the Writer behind Mrs S Musings.

I am Mrs Smith a 36 year old Woman, Wife and Mother who lives in Kent, the Garden of England. I am married to Mr Smith, a wonderful South African Gent and we have two beautiful daughters together – Belle who is 3 and Bubs who is 2.

I stay home and look after my girls and help my Husband with his own business. Writing my blog and tinkering with other writing projects gives me a chance to express and explore the things that i really enjoy these days – Family, Friends and Food; the foundation for this blog. I’m not saying my musings are worth noting, i’ll let the reader decide that, but as long as i enjoy doing it, i will.

What i notice about writing and others may share this notion,  is how I feel at that precise moment in time affects what i vocalise and put into print. When i look back over past content i am often amazed at how much i’ve changed in my opinion or style since. This used to embarrass me, like looking at an old photo when you’ve got a bad dated hair cut and wearing an eighties inspired outfit. A snapshot of a moment you can’t erase, one that could have been done so much better. As i get older i realise It’s ok to feel this way, its part of acknowledging who i am now and the route i took to get here. We all must evolve and change, finding peace and acceptance along the way, to be happy and proud of who we are in the moment is critical to this.

If i add any positive, thought inducing, smile injecting moments whilst you are reading my musings that’s more than enough for me and my one in a billion blogs out there. I’m not saying i’m special but no one else can be me. Just like no one else can be you.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read Mrs S Musings and hopefully you will come back to read more. Should you wish to contact me directly please do so as i enjoy making new friends at:  mrssmithmusings@hotmail.com

April  2015


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